Our Other Services

We do more than just fix laptops!

We also offer a range of maintenance services, from a health check to data recovery. We also offer Laptop Genuine Accessories like Adaptors, Batteries, LCD and LED Screens, Keyboards, Palm Rest, Hinge, Display Cable and DVD Writers at very reasonable prices with company warranty.

We also take annual maintenance contract (AMC) for both Personal and Corporate Systems If you're looking for something not listed here, and haven't seen it anywhere on our website, please call us. We may still be able to help

Laptop Health Check

Keep your laptop running smoothly with regular maintenance

Most laptop manufacturers would recommend a regular service to keep your machine running smoothly. A health check from Lapserve will not only help your laptop last longer; but it can identify problems with hardware before they get out of hand and identify hidden viruses before they can cause damage.

Virus Checks

We'll check your laptop for any harmful bugs or viruses that may be damaging your files or slowing it down. We'll also make sure your security software is up to date, and recommend or implement improvements if needed.

Scrubbed Clean

Not only do we check your laptop for viruses, but we'll clean it too. Dust that settles inside vents can clog fans, easily leading your laptop to overheat. We'll leave no key or circuit board unturned removing any potential hazards.

The Full Report

When you send your laptop to us for a health check we'll inspect it from top to bottom. You'll also get a report from us detailing what we checked, the results and recommendations for improvements or changes if needed.

Data Management and Recovery

Back up your data for risk free computing

There is nothing worse than losing data when your laptop or computer breaks, and although it is possible to recover some, you still shouldn't take any chances. Backup you data as frequently as you can. It is the simplest way to keep your data safe without worrying about it being lost.
At Lapserve offer a range of services to help you with your data management, from recovering damaged or lost data to providing helpful and useful advice. We do it all.

Laptop Accessories

Use Genuine Accessories to get optimum performance of your Laptop.

At Lapserve we always try to maintain a good Stock of all Laptop accessories and consumables required for your smooth running of Laptop.
We always have stock of Adaptors, Batteries, LCD and LED Screens, Keyboards, Palm Rest, Hinge, Display Cable and DVD Writers at very reasonable prices which are genuine and come with company warranty. Therefore, once you buy from us you will not have any warranty issues to face with.
Our team of experts will help and guide you any time to solve your warranty issues.

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