Laptop Upgrade Services in Kolkata

Boost your laptop by giving it a new lease of life

Outgrowing your laptop doesn't mean you have to buy an expensive new one. Most laptops today are upgradable meaning you can easily boost performance, extend its life span and increase its capability. At Lapserve, we offer a range of upgrade services designed to make the most of your laptop and more importantly save you money. Just follow the links below to find out more.

Loads More Storage

Upgrading the hard drive in your laptop will make more space for the things you love to have on your laptop; from thousands of extra songs, countless photographs, all the applications you need and all your favourite movies and may more.

Great Value for Money

The cost of an average specification laptop today is around Rs. 20000/-. A new hard drive, complete with installation and a complimentary health check from Lapserve costs from as little as Rs 4200/-. That's a huge saving!

Improved Performance

Not only will you gain all the extra storage space but upgrading the hard drive can also improve your laptops performance. This is because most new hard drives run faster meaning your laptop can open, save and search for files much quicker. Arrange an upgrade for your laptop now by calling 033-64512829, +91-7044527444.

Hard Drive Upgrades

Boost your storage space with plenty of spare change left over! A lot of people buy new laptops because they out grow their old ones. But why go to the expense of a new laptop when upgrading your existing hard drive can provide you with all the extra space you need, plus cost so much less? Here at Lapserve we offer a range of upgrade options, all coming with free installation and health check.

Quick Questions

How much will it cost me? The cost will be dependent on the size and speed of hard drive you choose. For a quote based on your requirements call us today on 033-64512829, +91-7044527444. What size hard drives are available? We currently offer hard drives in the following sizes: 80GB, 160GB, 320GB, 500GB, 1TB and 2TB.

Upgrade Now!

To arrange an upgrade for your laptop, call 033-64512829, +91-7044527444.

Memory Upgrades

Put your laptop back in the fast lane with a Memory Upgrade

It's pretty safe to say that we've all experienced times when we wished our computers ran a little bit quicker. Increasing your laptops memory, or RAM (Random Access Memory) as it is more commonly known can make that wish come true! The size of your laptops RAM not only determines how quickly it completes tasks, but how many it can complete at once. Meaning the larger the RAM the faster your computer could be.

Improved Performance

Increasing your laptops memory will do wonders for its performance. It will start up faster, open and load programs quicker and be noticeably more responsive all around.

How much RAM?

This all depends on what you use your computer for. If you're doing basic tasks then 2GB will be enough but if you're playing games or working with photos and video then you'll need at least 4GB.

Future Proof

As software and games become more detailed and complex, more is expected of your laptops hardware. Increasing the RAM will mean you're laptop will easily handle tomorrows programs today.

Operating System Installations and Upgrades

Teach your laptop a few new tricks!

Do you want your laptop to do more? Then upgrading the operating system may be the answer! Not only do new operating systems, such as Microsoft's Windows 7 or 8.1 bring great new features, but they'll often boost your laptops performance too.
But upgrading isn't always so straight forward. There are things like hardware compatibility and the backup of your files to consider. At Lapserve, we can take away that hassle, giving you a speedy update and more time to enjoy the new features your new operating system has to offer.

We can help you with the installation of the following operating systems:

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