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For the years, we are proudly serving the issues related to the laptop. Most of the people use laptop for the working purpose while some people are using it as their entertainment box. But the basic thing in all of them is that they all have acquired a strong bonding with their favorite gadgets. Lapserve, the laptop service center, value their means and for that, whenever they faced any problems with their laptop, they called us and we served them. We always try to maintain the trust we have earned till today through our service extended to our clients.

laptop service center in kolkata

Our services

In the Kolkata, Lapserve is a common name among the customers who have faced problems with their laptop and searched for laptop service centers. We offer various laptop services like LCD, LED screen repair, hinge repair, key board repair, motherboard related problems, processor related issues, hard drive crash etc. We are in the field with the best men in our team. Sometimes, some problems may be difficult to solve but at the end of the day, the experts of lapserve have solved the issues.

LCD screen repair

Every electronic gadget can face a break down at any time but there is nothing to be disappointed. We know your needs as well as we value the responsibility to solve any problem with your laptop. In case of lcd screen, you may face different types of issues. You can see some dark patches spreading over the screen from the center to the corner and sometimes from the corner to the center. Other than that you can see some lines on the screen horizontally or vertically. These are the symptoms that the lcd screen is damaged.The reasons behind these problems are different. It can be happened due to some external hitting or sometimes it may happen due to the time factor. After all it is an electronic device.

Laptop hinge repair

The laptop hinge is one of the most sensitive parts of your laptop. Sometimes it breaks and sometimes it becomes loose and then disconnects the connection between the lcd and the rest of the laptop.The hinge can be broken if you carry the laptop holding the lid or you open the lid from the rest of the body using one hand. If these things happen repeatedly for a long time, it creates pressure on the hinge and as a result the hinge becomes a problem to you.

Motherboard, processor, hard drive etc.

We often hear a multiple number of problems related to motherboard, processor, keyboard, RAMs, hard drive etc. Each of the things contains different problems. In case of motherboard or processor we see that these devices get burnt due to over heating or for hard drive, it crashes. The keyboard is a very common issue for us. The motherboard and processor is vulnerable and gets heated very fast and if the cooling process of your laptop gets damaged, these are obvious to get damaged.

The Reasons to Choose Our Laptop Service Center

Lapserve is not only a name to the laptop users of Kolkata but also the place of faith related to their favorite electronic gadget. The reasons to choose our laptop service center are listed below:
• We have the best experts to fix any issues related to laptop. No one will go back empty handed from the desk of our experts.
• We maintain the quality of the products and we use the branded and genuine parts. Our team fixes the proper parts for the proper issues.
• We offer warranty on every branded parts we provide.
• We have a very affordable service charge structure which anyone can afford.
• We have the reputation to deliver the laptop on time.

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