Branded Laptop Repair Service in Kolkata

How Lapserve Offers Help for Damaged Laptops

We are a reputed name in Kolkata when it comes to laptop servicing and repairing. Not all can afford the high cost company servicing and a time comes when the company itself gives a final word and you are left with a faulty laptop. This is the place our work begins as a branded laptop repair service in Kolkata. We have the records of fixing all kinds of problems. We are thus the one stop solution for all big names in the market of laptop.

Genuine Services

Our company pools a number of skilful technicians who are a part of our company for many years. Their experience in handling all the repair work has made them the gems of our company. Customers rely on us because they know their problems with laptops will definitely be solved with Lapserve. The certified professionals play a pivotal role in bringing the name of our company among the leading names of laptop repair shop.

Know the Work Status

If you need to submit your laptop in our service centre for some time we have a special service for you. Usually when such situation occurs you always have the query how much work has been done. We will provide youwork sheet of the entire work along with the time. Along with that you can always check the status of the work online. We have technical help online who will continuously update you about the work.

Help without Appointment

We have no rules of prior appointment. Walk-ins are attended at visit and the fastest service is provided without any delay. The time of the repair will completely depend on the problem that has incurred. At times availability of the right part might be a reason of delay. We usually accommodate all parts but in case of exceptions we take orders to manufacture or ship it from reliable places.

Other Services

We also work in fixing some common bugs in your laptop to the necessity. We have battery replacement facilities along with all kinds of laptop parts repair services. At times your PC becomes too slow and detains itself from providing the desired performance. You can consult our specialist who will go to the root of the problem to find the solution. We also update your current system with better specifications that matches with the model of your laptop. Data backup and storage services are provided on demand. We specialise in laptop LCD screen repair in Kolkata.

Online Help

In case of any issue regarding laptop servicing you can always contact us through email or phone. Fill up the enquiry form available. Insert you details and write a short description about the problem you are facing with the laptop. We will soon contact you and offer you the quote if you wish for. You will get best technical support from our experts who are there to render their services treating the laptops. Warranty is provided for each service and parts we offer to our clients. Affordable rates are offered keeping in mind the budget of all types of clients.

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